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Treadmill Reviews For Every Room: Beyond the Gym

Shedding gym memberships has never been easier, but choosing the right treadmill for your room can be tricky. Our treadmill reviews offer the best option for each unique space. Go beyond the gym!


Going beyond the gym first means deciding what room in your home will house your new equipment. Treadmill reviews are everywhere, so we picked four highly reviewed machines on Amazon and paired them with four main rooms in your home. Whether you live in a small apartment, or a big mansion with its own gym, there is a treadmill that’s right for you! Simply Click Each Picture to buy what’s right for you.


Stylish Folding Treadmill Under $250

For those on a budget and with limited space, this folding treadmill is great. Not only is it under two hundred and fifty bucks, but it comes in some cool colors so it won’t be an eyesore folded up in the corner of your room. This is primarily for people in apartments or condos, who will be keeping their machine in the living room or bedroom. Space is at a premium, but if something has to sit out then it best look stylish.

You can fold this treadmill up and tuck it under your bed, or simply slide it into a corner. Since its got some style to it, you won’t really care about looking at it. Plus, having it within eyesight will remind you to use it and stick with those fitness goals.


Space Saving Treadmill with Built-in Workouts Under $300

We’ve moved into bigger spaces and a desire for more functionality. If you have an office or extra bedroom in your apartment, condo, or home, then this treadmill is an excellent option. It’s still reasonably priced, but comes with build in workouts to run to. The machine will fold up, but is not that bulky to begin with. You can leave it open in your ‘extra’ room that moonlights as your gym.

This is nice treadmill option, but is limited by the actual options of the machine. If you are not planning to fold up your treadmill, then move on to a more advanced model. In terms of space-saving, this is an excellent choice.


Mid-level Treadmill with 20 Workouts Under $675

Now we’re talking. This machine won’t break the bank, but its got a lot of built-in workouts and is perfect for an office or den, where you have unused space and can keep this machine pointed at a television. The variety of running workouts are great, plus it has incline options to play with.

You’ll have to spend a little more to get the extra bells and whistles, but for a more traditional treadmill that provides workout variety, this machine fits the bill. Plus its only six hundred and seventy bucks, not bad considering how much a one year gym membership will run you.


High-end Treadmill with Touch Screen Under $1900

With room for a dedicated gym space, you need this machine. The touchscreen features are awesome and the variety of built-in options and compatibility options with your other devices is excellent. Most high-end machines will run you well over two thousand bucks, but this one slides in under the mark. If you have the space and budget, go for a more well-equipped machine.

This is probably the closest you’ll get to the treadmills at your old gym, assuming the place kept up with the new technology. If they didn’t, then for what you’d spend in a year on a two person membership, you can get a better piece of equipment to use at home.


Share with us your questions, comments, and success stories. We are all in this game together and need one another’s support to succeed!


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