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Dear Mattie Podcast: Ep89 Jen Briney of Congressional Dish


The Dear Mattie Show Podcast welcomes Jen Briney of Congressional Dish. She’s sharing how to ACTUALLY make a difference in politics. Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show episode 89: Jen Briney

Have you ever wondered what are actually in the bills Congress is passing? Jen Briney from Congressional Dish wonders what the hell are in those things and she made an awesome podcast about it!


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Jen Briney is a superhero to me. Truly.

She is a person who cares about facts over emotion and lives to decipher what laws can truly give people comfort and happiness in their lives. She’s one of the good ones, but she’s kind of a ball buster. It’s not tough love, its real love she has for her listeners. She loves the truth. And during this time in politics, the truth doesn’t seem to be anywhere.

I loved this conversation with her and I even had a few of my own “Ah ha” moments. If you’re sick of politics, listen. If you are still all about politics, listen.

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