Traci Lords gives you M2F2

Traci Lords, who played our favorite Rockabilly bad girl Wanda in 1990’s cult classic CryBaby, is back. But it’s not movies that have her in the headlines, it’s music. Traci’s new album, M2F2 (Music 2 F*ck 2) is a dance record fist… but she, better then anyone knows that sex sells.

Almost 30 years ago Lords got the worlds attention by posing for Penthouse and making more then a few adult films… all starting at the age of 15. It got her name and image into the media and led to numerous movies and tv spots including Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, Melrose Place, Blade, Tales From the Crypt, The Tommyknockers, Married With Children, Excision, and of course CryBaby.

One can hardly mention her name without someone bringing up porn, but It’s her role as Wanda Woodward, the bad ass blond Drape in John Waters musical Crybaby that has made her a rockabilly icon. Her tight clothes, leather jacket, big hair, winged liner and red lips have almost become the rockabilly bad girls uniform, and any self-respecting rockabilly kitten can rattle off her one liners from the movie without hesitation. Although she wasn’t the lead female role in the movie, she is hand down the most popular, and the most copied.

While her new album is pure dance music, and has no relation to the rockabilly scene, it’s still nice to see her in the headlines and be reminded of our favorite girl who “wouldn’t be caught dead in a full skirt”.

You can find her album M2F2 in stores and on itunes now.


*For more information about the rockabilly style, be sure to visit www.roxy-tart.com*

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