Haunting of 2020 | Don’t Look by Mandi Mellen

Chilling new music to haunt your Halloween. Don’t look, but you always look. The Haunting of 2020 begins as two ghosts terrorize your soul. Happy Halloween!


Death awaits those who cross a woman scorned. Ghosts are summoned to plague the lives of three individuals who dared defy our mother’s will. The Haunting of 2020 is a ghostly terror and Mandi Mellen is chilling. Her song “Don’t Look” seeps into your soul.

You shouldn’t look, but you always look. Will you succumb to death or resist the horrors of our two ghostly terrors? This is the Haunting of 2020.

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Halloween kicks off the holiday season and that means new music and wild music videos. We embody the dark soul of this chilling holiday with our Haunting of 2020, featuring the original song “Don’t Look” that will surely make you look. Happy Halloween!

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haunting of 2020

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