“Through my 4 Eyes” by Jason D. Smith


If you are not on the edge of your seat after the first 10 minutes of this movie than you have no pulse.  Now don’t judge me but this is the first James Bond movie I have seen with Daniel Craig and I am putting him as my second favorite James Bond after Roger Moore.  Don’t hate me you Sean Connery fans.  I am child of the 1970’s so Roger Moore is my James Bond.  Skyfall directed by Sam Mendes (Jarhead and American Beauty) was masterful with this Bond flick.  From minute one I was hooked.  Daniel Craig to me is the most realistic James Bond because not only does he kick ass when he comes to fighting more than other previous James Bond; he has his way with the ladies.  Which are qualities very similiar to me.  Just sayin’.  The villian in Skyfall is played by Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men).  Javier yet again plays the villian with such ease and devilish qualities that if I ever see him in person I might have to kick his ass.   Also included in this amazing flick you have an all-star English cast of Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and Albert Finney.  Pretty much English royalty when it comes to the cinema world.  This all being said, Daniel Craig is awesome and now I have to go back and see his previous James Bond movies so I can be caught up.  If you don’t see this movie then I am not sure I can call you my friend.  Your choice.

3.90 out of 4 Eyes.  Don’t be an Octopussy.  See Skyfall.

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