The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 | Psychotic

At least three guests are about to go psychotic, which would explain the pile of dead bodies awaiting us on The White Lotus season 2. Ethan and Portia are guaranteed crazy, but will Tanya fall over the edge as well?


You’re a psycho! It’s true of Ethan and soon to be Porsia and probably Albie. People gonna die as the truth drives everyone insane. Naughty business is escalating. The lies are piling up and psychotic breakdowns are looming. Tanya discovering Greg’s photo in the villa that she’s staying in will turn her crazy too, or just get Portia to the real truth. They’re trying to steal Tanya’s money. Is Cameron really trying to steal Harper’s love? Probably not, but it doesn’t matter because Ethan’s going nuts. The blood has yet to spill, but we KNOW its going to be. I can feel it. The White Lotus season 2.

WATCH: My Reaction to The White Lotus S2E6

Another White Lotus resort and a new murder mystery to solve. Everyone in The White Lotus season 2 has dirty secrets and a reason to kill, so thankfully multiple bodies washed up on shore. Now we know several fantasies come true!

Greg is definitely dead. He has to be, right? Those dang hookers will be the downfall of several guests at the resort, but its too cliche for them to die. I’m waiting to get to know the staff better, because they were the best part of the first season.

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The White Lotus season is crazy, funny, and full of blood in the water. It’s not enough to die on vacation. These guests must torture one another first. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick reaction.

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