The Walking Dead – ‘Try’ or Go crazy


The Walking Dead most recent episode ‘Try’ or Go crazy!

Sunday is the 90 minute finale and after this most recent episode I don’t know if our group of survivors can continue living at Alexandria. Let’s face it Rick went CRAZY! Are they going to banish him? They better not banish him. Everyone else would have to leave too.

The problem with the turmoil inside of Alexandria is that it’s distracting our group of survivors from the threat outside. Daryl and Aaron are following someone who is stringing people up to get eating by walkers. Is that really the type of person who you want to be following so then they can turn around and follow you back home to Alexandria?

I’m nervous for our group of survivors. Something big is going to happen sunday. It’s either a threat from inside or a threat from outside OR BOTH!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and The Walking Dead got CRAZY on Sunday! The season finale is not looking good for our group of survivors.

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