Pretty Little Liars – ‘Dollhouse’ Finale So Creepy!


Pretty Little Liars ‘Dollhouse’ finale is so creepy!

The Big A reveal happened and A is Alison’s unknown brother, Charles, twin to Jason DiLaurentis. This of course raises so many more questions! BUT…Charles was masked the whole episode so we’ve yet to see his face.

I’m standing by my Andrew theory kids. I think Andrew is really Charles. Why else would he be so creepy? Why else would he be listening to Spencer’s parents conversation on his computer. He definitely HATES Mona and he definitely looks WAY too old to be a high school student. We don’t know anything really about him except he sold Spencer drugs and he tutors Aria and he’s good at sports.

Sure PLL could come back in June and debunk Andrew as A (Charles) right away BUT right now from everything we’ve seen this is who we think Charles is.

The Big A Reveal did not disappoint. I would have love to have seen A’s face BUT until June. AND so glad to have Mona back!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars finale was creepy! Who is Charles? I think it’s Andrew or Andrew is definitely helping him!

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