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Rick Grimes is leaving The Walking Dead Season 9! We dive into the crazy news and the Rick Grimes fallout. It’s part of our BuzzChomp TV video series.


I love The Walking Dead or better yet the Walking Dead that is in my mind. I’ve held on to those feelings I had watching Rick re-unite with Lori and Carl in season 1, the fallout from Lori and Shanes relationship, life on the farm, and post-Woodbury jail times. Season 8 I definitely felt a shift toward how I feel about The Walking dead with Carl’s death sealing it’s fate.

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I kept saying though I’d give The Walking Dead season 9 a chance because I can’t separate myself from wanting to know Rick Grimes completely journey. Now with the departure of Andrew Lincoln, knowing we only have six episodes more of Rick Grimes, I find myself ready to check out. With his departure from the show, The Walking Dead season 9 is much less appealing to me and it’s the Rick Grimes fallout.

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Knowing that not only Rick will be gone, but Lauren Cohen (Maggie) is only signed on for six episodes as well. The Walking Dead season 9 does not look like the show I’ve loved for all these years. It’s fine though because The Walking Dead is one of those shows that should have an end date. The writes and AMC did not get the memo that some shows have to set their own end date or else they lose characters and fans.

Characters leaving would not have been a big deal, but The Walking Dead followed extremely close to the comics so unlike A ‘Game Of Thrones’ that besides the first season is a complete re-imagining of the novels. I’m not sure The Walking Dead Season 9 will be able to shift it’s style to that of a ‘Game of Thrones.’ It’s too late in the series for that.


What do you all think of The Walking Dead Season 9 and the Rick Grimes fallout? The Walking Dead season 9 is not looking so good.

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