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The Walking Dead Season 8’s latest episode is the best one so far this half of the season. It’s Negan the Loser and it’s part of our Buzzchomp video series.


On The Walking Dead Season 8, the tide’s turned for Negan and his hubris is his downfall. This is evident from his position in driving to the Hilltop. Negan’s car was last and that just seemed so silly to me because he was exposed! Rick took his opportunity to capitalize on Negan the loser! Negan acted like he was untouchable and that’s really where his downfall is for The Walking Dead Season 8.

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Negan also only had lucile with him and I can’t understand why he didn’t have a gun too. Again this just shows his hubris and he’s always had hubris on The Walking Dead, it is out of control in season 8. You always need some sort of a gun and most of the time you need multiple. Rick had two!

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Negan is so out of touch on The Walking Dead. I feel like he’s always been, but he’s really out of touch now. He doesn’t even suspect two of his guys betrayed him and that is just bad form for him. Negan thinks that he’s the ‘savior,’ but he really is not!

The Walking Dead Season 8 finally showed us Negan the Loser and it is about time! What did you all think of this episode?


Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC



The Walking Dead Season 8 Photo Credits: amc.com

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