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We’re on our Fit Mom Journey and right now it’s time to regroup your fitness! It’s part of our BuzzChomp fitness series.


I love working out, but since I’ve been on my Fit Mom Journey I’ve needed to regroup my fitness multiple times. It’s fine to regroup your fitness and honestly this is the perfect time of year to do it.


Take an honest look at where you are at. That’s my first step to regroup your fitness, but remind yourself it doesn’t matter what you did the first two and a half months of the year. If you didn’t workout as much as you wanted let it go and move on. Make your plan to move forward and don’t dwell in the past.

Your bikini body is made in the winter and spring so if that’s what you’re working toward now is the perfect time on your Fit Mom Journey to regroup your fitness. You can really hone in on what you need to work on. For me it’s adding back in my strength training and this is something I’m constantly working on because I do so much other fitness!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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It is so important to make sure you regroup your fitness and it’s an integral way to be successful on your Fit Mom Journey!


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