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The second half of The Walking Dead season 8 is now in full swing. It’s all about the death sentence. More people will definitely die. Will it be the people that we want and know should die or what?


The death of Carl opened the Walking Dead up to changing a lot of things specifically who lives and dies. If you read the comics or read spoilers of the comics it’s no secret that Negan lives in the comics. Let me say that I love Negan but they should vary from the comics and kill Negan. He should have his death sentence. It won’t enhance the show to keep Negan alive and it will definitely anger a lot of fans.

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The Walking Dead is at a cross roads and how they proceed now is imperative. Simon must die because he obviously signed his death sentence this past episode but has Maggie signed his death sentence? I hope not! This is a big diversion from the comics and I do not want to watch The Walking Dead without Maggie. It’s a bad idea to divert from the comics like this and I really hope they don’t.

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I loved The Walking Dead and I’m trying to let go of the whole Carl thing but I’m not sure I have or can. Who do you think has a death sentence on The Walking Dead season 8?




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