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Spring Break Essentials Shopping Guide: Hit The Beach In Style

Spring break is here and it’s time to fully embrace the beach in style! We’ve got your Spring Break essentials shopping guide. Let’s face it, now is the perfect time hit the beach.


Living in Los Angeles, we always make sure we’re beach ready, but we know that’s not the case with many around the country and the world. Have no fear, because BuzzChomp and Amazon are always here with your updated beach gear! We’ve got the best Spring Break Essentials in one shopping guide. It’s as easy as that.

We are firm believers that you can never have too many bathing suits and flip flops. Here in Los Angeles we can wear them most of the year, but don’t forget wintertime hot tub action. Thankfully its beach season and there’s a new style bikini on Mandi’s list of gets. She’s also a big fan of funky men’s bathing suits, which Dan will be wearing this season.

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Get your Spring Break essentials right now! It will give you a jump start on summer. Enjoy Mandi’s take on each new item, then fill up your cart for the beach. Check back at the beginning of every month for our unique buyer’s guide! It’s time for our Spring Break Essentials. Get some sweet gear for you and the family!

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Spring Break Essentials

I love this style bikini. I actually don’t have a style like this one and I love the way the straps are on this. It looks extremely supportive which is great, especially if you to go in the water and not just lounge on the beach. This is a must have.


Beach cover-ups are lacking for me. I always just throw a cute skirt and tank top on, but sometimes I put on a dress. This spring break I need to invest in this cover-up! It’s perfect for the pool, beach, or if you’re going on a boating adventure.


I love flip flops. I have so many of them, but that doesn’t stop me from buying new ones. These Kate Spade flip flops are so cute. They’re not just for the beach, but great for your Spring Break adventures. You can totally dress these babies up or down. This makes them a great investment.


If you’re traveling for Spring Break, you definitely need a great weekender bag. This one has many different pockets and even a spot for shoes on the bottom. How great is that? You can keep yourself organized if you want to travel light, or if you’re looking for a great carry on this is it.


I’m a big sunglasses girl and that is why I love these Prada sunglasses. No matter where I’m going, I always have a pair of big sunglasses. If you’re headed to a tropical climate for Spring Break, this is definitely a must have.


These fun swim suits for guys are great. Last year I bought Dan an avocado swim suit. The one above is a flamingo suit, but they have so many other styles. I love it when guys just embrace the fun of swim wear! This is a must for you or for your guy this Spring Break.


The equivalent to a women’s cover-up is an awesome male tank top. I know it takes a certain guy to embrace the tank top on the beach. I absolutely love it when guys do. This tank is just super silly and fun. It’s perfect for your Spring Break adventure.


Every guy should embrace the flip flop, especially if you’re going on a tropical vacation. These are great because you can wear them to the beach, by the pool, and out on one of your Spring Break day trips!


I love guys who embrace a nice pair of sun glasses. Dan owns multiple pairs of Ray-Ban’s and he swears by their polarization. These are a classic style and perfect for the beach, as well as those every day adventures.


If you live by the beach like us, this is definitely a must have. I love packing a cooler, bringing a bunch of stuff to the beach, and making a day of it. Even though it’s cold in Los Angeles right now, we notoriously have beach days all year round. This is great for all of us in climates that can utilize it year round.


I love these Yeti coolers and with Spring coming up, this is great if you’re going to embrace the Spring Break life right in your backyard. Invite your friends over, have a BBQ, and make sure you have a cooler that’s big like this one!



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