Running While Tired is Possible and Fun! My Running Diary

Prior to having my baby I was rigid with my sleep. I loved going to bed early and getting nine solid hours of rest. There were days I’d go running while tired, but I didn’t know what tired truly was. Since having my baby I’ve overcome the hurdle of exhaustion, perfecting tired runs so they are possible and fun!


Diary of a Running Chick: March 5th, 2018

Running while tired is hard, but I wouldn’t have been able to run as much as I have this year if I didn’t embrace a tired run. They are both possible and fun with a few simple mantras that became critical for me this year. Over the last month my baby decided that she did not want to fall back asleep on her own. This meant that I spent many nights restless, breastfeeding my baby, hearing her cry, and trying to get her to go back to sleep. I would wake up tired a lot, but I made sure I still got up and ran despite being tired.

Running gave me the energy to get through the day. It’s what kept me sane over the last two months. I can see how in a sleep daze that it would have been easy to not run, but that choice definitely would have changed who I am. I dedicated myself to running no matter what and I’ve kept that promise and will continue to. That means running while tired!

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I know that not everyone functions well when tired. I used to think that I did not function well tired and that I was a big sour puss, but I didn’t know what being tired was. Running while tired is much different from the running I did before, because it takes much more concentration. You also need to be extremely aware of your environment. There is also this huge sense of accomplishment I get during and after my tired runs.

The above is the part of my run success that I must urge all of you to embrace. Running while tired is not easy. It would be much easier to turn over and go back to bed. But there’s a better reward waiting for those of us who get up. I could just start my day snuggling with my baby, but running is my release. It’s the ‘me time’ I need and the part of the day I use to prepare for the rest of my day. Unless I can’t physically get out of bed, I’m dedicated to running regardless of my sleep.


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The funny part about running while tired is that some days I might not run as fast or as far, but I’m always just as sore. I’ve pushed my body much harder because I didn’t slack off. It’s kept me sane during the hardest part of this parenting gig. Thankfully my baby is now sleeping so much better, so I can look forward to running faster and longer.

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The key to run success and why I’ve been able to achieve and sustain it all of these years is that I’m adaptable. Running is nonnegotiable for me. Once I made that plan with myself, I never let being tired deter me from running. Running while tired is a skill that anyone can master by opening yourself up to a level of awareness. I’m an advocate for running no matter what, even if that means going out for 20 minutes. That’s better than no run at all.

Arm yourself for run success and try running while tired. It will motivate you for the day and keep you sane, especially if you’re like me and have a sleepless baby.


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