The Walking Dead: ‘Forget’ with more questions


It’s Fangirl Friday The Walking Dead edition. The most recent episode ‘Forget” raised more questions.

I’m still not convinced Alexandria is safe! Is Deeana buddying up to Rick because their is a dissent within the group? Is this dissent the people who are carving W into Walkers heads? I still do not trust Aaron and I don’t like it that he’s seducing Daryl with pasta and motorcycle parts! Cut it out Aaron.

There are only three episodes left this season. It’s definitely going to heat up! Rick better watch out for Jesse’s husband especially after he kissed her! That was random Rick! Things could get awkward.

I definitely don’t think Alexandria is the safe haven our group wants it to be! I’m nervous for our survivors the impending finale. I hope they don’t kill any of our favorites off!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and The Walking Dead what are the people of Alexandria hiding? Is someone inside carving W’s into those walkers heads?

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1 Comment

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