Pretty Little Liars: the Melody lingers way too long!


It’s Fangirl Friday Pretty Little Liars edition. The most recent episode the Melody Lingers way too long!

We are so close to the big A reveal! The most recent episode TEASED us so! A is completely toying with our little Liars! Are they going to be able to best A or will A best them?

This episode definitely had a big creepy factor with the song playing on Aria’s phone and then the liars hearing it playing from Mona’s bedroom. They are so close to A. SO CLOSE!

I’m so nervous about this big A reveal! I really hope the revelation is satisfying. I’m also nervous of who it is. Is it someone we all know? Let’s also hope we find out why Andrew, Aria’s new friend and tutor, is being so weird and following her!

One episode until the BIG reveal! I can’t wait!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars SO CLOSE to the big reveal!

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