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The Offer Episode 7 is here and it’s once again Fact Vs. Fiction. I’m absolutely loving all of this drama that keeps happen during the production of The Godfather. Let’s dive into what’s been change for the show.


The Offer Episode 7 is here and we’re breaking down fact or fiction. This episode is jammed backed with a lot of truths, but there are a lot of details changed. I love finding out what actually happened and how they’ve dramatized it.

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It is a fact that Gulf and Western wanted to fire Coppola and Pacino. That is just crazy to me, but like in the show they thought the dailies were too dark. They didn’t see what Coppola saw in Pacino. BUT, like in the show, once Charlie Bluhdhorn saw Pacino in the restaurant scene everyone knew that Coppola and Pacino were here to stay.

The Godfather using a real horse is 100% fact. That is just so crazy to me. The details around it are a bit change. The mob didn’t help Bettye get the horse head. She is responsible for finding a slaughter house that happened to have a race horse that was put down! It’s so crazy that they used that real horse head and apparently it stunk!

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Joe Colombo does get shot at that League of Italian American’s Rally, but the details are different. Al Ruddy was not at the rally and does not see him get shot. They also imply big time that it is Joe Gallo who had him shot. There is some conflicting stories I’ve read. Some say that Gallo did have him killed and they retaliate against. Others say that they think it was another member of the League Of Italian American’s.

The Offer Episode 7 breaks down fact vs fiction! I love how so much of this is fact! Share with us yours and check out our fact vs fiction video.

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