The Noel Diary Pleasantly Surprised Me

The Noel Diary pleasantly surprised me. This new Netflix Christmas Movie starring Justin Hartley is cute, fun, and nails its Xmas movie genre. I didn’t have high hopes and it exceeded my expectations.


The Noel Diary pleasantly surprised me. My expectations are always low when it comes to Christmas movies, because so many fall flat. This new Netflix Christmas movie starring Justin Hartley is so cute. It surprised me and I’m so glad it was better than I expected.

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I love Christmas movies and I will literally watch all of them. Some are definitely way better than others. The Noel Diary does throw a lot at you when it comes to a Christmas movie. Famous hot author, check. Death of an estranged parent, check. Someone unexpected showing up in your life, check. That someone being engaged to someone else, check. All of these fabulous Xmas tropes are woven nicely into this film.

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A big thing for me with Christmas movies is that they are all cheesy and predictable. That’s fine. You have let go of that and embrace it. Once you embrace it, then it’s easier to see the films that stand out in what they do. I thought Justin Hartley did a great job. He plays a very similar character to his character on This Is Us. Barrett Doss who plays Rachel is super cute. The supporting actors are great too.

The Noel Diary is a sappy Christmas movie that pleasantly surprised me. Yes it’s cheesy and cliched, but it nails that cheese and cliche. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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