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The Matrix review revisited shows us it’s better with age. I can’t remember the last time I watched The Matrix and I’m so glad I revisited this film. It’s a complete package and still so enjoyable.


Our The Matrix review is here and we revisited this movie in anticipation for the new film. It showed us it’s better with age. I always think of The Matrix and think of the second and third films, which are cool, but skew my view of the original.

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This film is a complete package. I haven’t separated The Matrix as a stand alone film in years, but that’s what it is. The film stands on its own, which is refreshing. I truly loved the journey that they created for Neo and I forgot how good it is!

Since the huge success of The Matrix as well as the trilogy I’ve read the story that Will Smith passed on Neo. It’s hard to picture anyone else as Neo other than Keanu Reeves. The arc of Neo is really good and I like the way Keanu Reeves plays him.

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My plan is to review the sequel and third film in The Matrix series prior to seeing the new film. I highly recommend at least watching the first one. The world of The Matrix is very good and interesting. There are a ton of layers.

The Matrix is a classic movie. There have been spoofs of course as well as countless pop culture references to this film. Check out our quick review and share with me your thoughts on the original The Matrix!

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