I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 8 | Crazy Truth Revealed!

I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 8 concludes season 1 and the whole crazy truth is revealed! This show slow burned it, but I knew the last few episodes would explode with details and revelations. I hope there will be a season 2!


I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 8 closed out season 1. The whole crazy truth is revealed and boy did I not see that coming. I love when shows unravel a character and you find out their true nature. It definitely left it open for a second season which could be very exciting, different, and good! Make sure you check out my full reaction video.


The killer is revealed in an interesting fashion. Margot, tricks Dylan and Lennon/Allison’s by implying she’s in danger at Clara’s compound. She is the danger and she’s killed Lennon/Allison’s mom. She’s basically going to frame Dylan for the whole thing and she does, but the twist is that even after she reveals her psycho tendencies to Lennon/Allison, L/A sides with Margot and goes along with Margot framing Dylan!

I kept thinking Dylan was the killer and he worked with Clara. Then since Clara wanted to free herself Dylan helped her and let everyone think she was the killer. Nope, that was not right. It is crazy Margot who feels scorned and then just goes bat shit crazy! Her bodyguard helps her as well as her mother knows!

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Since Dylan is now spewing his cult religion in jail, still claiming his innocence. Allison still is Lennon and now her and Margot are together there is definitely room for a season 2. Originally I thought this would be a one and down show. BUT I can definitely see a vibrant, full, and crazy season 2!

I have a ton of thoughts on where season 2 can go. One of course is the speculation of the ending when Riley opens her eyes! The honey must have preserved her. This could make for such an amazing season 2. Riley’s body is gone or discarded and she’s actually alive. She’s got one hand and she attaches a hook. A great homage to the original I Know What You Did Last Summer and an actual true vengeance story.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 8 gave us a full picture of the whole story. A killer emerged and one I didn’t expect, but now makes total sense. The whole crazy truth is revealed and I loved how it played out. Make sure you watch our full reaction video and share with me your thoughts on this crazy show!


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