I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 7 | Revenge

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 7 is a slow burn of revenge! A bit of a wrap up episode, but so much more. The OG crew dwindled and thinks they are all safe even though they should completely know better!


I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 7 acts a bit like a wrap up, but it’s so much more. It’s definitely a slow burn of revenge. Clara is found dead in the cave, by “suicide,” but we know better than that. It was two killers and the second killer is still creeping around. Check out our full reaction video!


Dylan is definitely our killer. I was convinced after episode 6, but it’s a nail in the coffin after this episode. He even tells Margot and Allison that he “set Clara free.” The honey cave definitely had something to with the cult and the ritual. Dylan helped Clara finish that while he enacted his own revenge.

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I’m amazed that Margot and Allison are so blind to Dylan. Through 6 episodes Dylan is moody and definitely a creeper. Now in episode 7 there is a lightness and flirtyness to him that we’ve never seen. Their best friend Riley was murdered and it’s as if that did not happen.

Allison/Lennon finally sleeps with Dylan. Of course, Allison has to unburden herself and admit to Dylan that Lennon is the one who died. This definitely sets Dylan off and makes him question all that he just did. At the end of the episode he’s at the police station. I think he’s going to reveal the Allison/Lennon bombshell from last summer.

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Of course Margot figured out that Allison is not Lennon. I think she’s known for the majority of this season, but that she fell in love with Allison too. It’s super evident that Allison is very similar to Lennon. She just reverted inside due to her confusion over her mother’s suicide.

I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 7 played the wrap up game, but just revealed Dylan’s not finished with his revenge! The OG’s Margot and Allison need to watch their back because episode 8 will be explosive. Make sure you watch our full reaction video. Share with me your thoughts on this show!


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