Love Hard Christmas Movie Review full of fun stereotypes!

Love Hard Christmas movie review full of fun stereotypes! All the best stereotypes in one place. This film is so cute and fun. It is a great way to kick off the holiday season.

Love Hard Christmas movie review and this film is full of fun stereotypes. Christmas movies are cheesy and the more cheese the better. This film definitely nails the cheese in the best way possible. That is one major reason why I loved this movie.

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There are so many good and fun things about Love Hard. The casting and acting is great. The big thing when you’re in a cheesy Christmas movie is you need to be grounded in the genre, but own it. I absolutely loved the whole is Die Hard a Christmas movie theme as well as is Love Actually really the best Christmas movie?

The film knows its audience and delivered on its Xmas movie style. This is my time of year to watch as many Christmas movies as I can. In the recent years, Netflix has upped its Christmas movie game. Love Hard definitely nails its Xmas movie genre.

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The cast of this film is great. Nina Dobrev is adorable in this. I loved Darren Barnett and Jimmy O. Yang plays such a great character that actually lets him stretch his legs. All the actors filled their stereotypical places in the Christmas movie hierarchy and it was perfect!

Love Hard kicked off my Christmas movie viewing of 2021! It’s a fun movie and definitely worth a viewing. Make sure you check out our quick review and share with me your thoughts on Love Hard!

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