The Mandalorian Episode 6 Reaction | Jailbreak

It was a total jailbreak in the 6th episode of The Mandalorian. There were multiple and it sums up how Mando and baby Yoda are escaping through every adventure as they search for safe haven. It’s our reaction to another great episode!


Each episode of The Mandalorian is its own little adventure. Since rescuing baby Yoda, they’ve been trying to break free. The 6th episode entitled “Prisoner” was no different. Its a jail break on all fronts! My reaction to The Mandalorian episode 6 gives a look into Mando’s past, as well as solidifies how he’s currently living his life. Check out our full reaction video, then comment below with your theories.

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This episode was jammed pack with great celebrity cameos! Mark Boone plays “Ran,” who Mando used to do jobs with. Its also the man he currently took on this job with. Bill Berr is Mayfield, who is on Ran’s team and Mando’s mission. A personal favorite of mine is Matt Lanter as the New Republic soldier who wasn’t suppose to be on the ship. These are just three, as every guest star was a great cameo!

I’ve read some negative reviews recently about the last two episodes of The Mandalorian, but honestly I find them to be so refreshing. This episode gives us so much insight into who Mando was prior to being a bounty hunter. He definitely worked with shady people, but it appeared he did it for the experience and money. It also proves once again his loyalty to baby Yoda, as well as to his quest to find a safe place for them.

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One complaint I’ve read is that there isn’t much character development, which I totally and completely disagree with. Seeing Mando take this job pushed his relationship with baby Yoda forward so much. We find out at the end of the show when he says to baby Yoda “I told you we shouldn’t do that one.” It shows us what he’s willing to do for the two of them. They need money and he’s willing to go through anything to get it.

The above is why the theme of jailbreak is not just the fact that they’re breaking out a prisoner or that Mando himself briefly becomes one, but that Mando and baby Yoda are in their own prison. They are stuck in this cycle and so far each episode they try to break free of it. I love that, because it’d be silly to think that they’d just be able to go find a remote planet, live, and not worry about being found. Right now, Mando has to put some distance between them and the people he used to work for.

There are only two episodes left in season 1 of The Mandalorian. The show is much different than I originally thought and I’m happy it is! Make sure you check out our full video and let us know your theories for what’s in store for the final two episodes!



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