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Major controversy arises in The Mandalorian Episode 5 as Mando’s secret identity is jeopardized as he fights to keep it secret an unknown warrior appears. Is it Boba Fett? More baby Yoga please!


Each episode of The Mandalorian gets better and better. In our The Mandalorian episode 5 reaction, “The Gunslinger” Mando’s secret identity is jeopardized and a new unknown secret warrior appears! Is this finally Boba Fett? Check out our reaction video, then comment below with your theories.

Mando crash lands on Tatooine, Luke’s home planet, and has a nice little Star Wars Easter egg adventure. Mando needs money and ends up partnering with an aspiring with a wannabe bounty hunter. This bounty hunter has no idea who Mando or baby Yoda is.


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For our cameo this episode, the bay that Mando crashes into is manned by a mechanic named Peli. Peli is played by Amy Sedaris and she is awesome! It’s come to our attention though that it seems like any of these guest stars will be just for one episode. I wish they would bring back some of these characters though especially Peli.

The Mandalorian episode 5 really focuses on secret identity. The story of Mando is getting around, but not everyone knows it. There are times he travels in disguise, but once he’s figured out there is no hiding his secret identity. Throughout most of this episode he’s hiding in plain site until the bounty they’re after informs his bounty hunter sidekick that he is a bigger bounty than her.

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The above leads us to believe that as this show goes on Mando will have more and more trouble hiding his secret identity. He also needs to learn more about raising baby Yoda because Mando has to stop leaving him in random places!

Our biggest question of this episode is who’s the secret identity of the person in the boots that was teased at the end of the episode. It could be Boba Fett tracking Mando. I’m thinking that Boba Fett is not going to be an enemy, but a friend. Well I’m hoping he is!



The Mandalorian episode 5, “The Gunslinger” is so good! I love watching Mando on his adventure and I need more baby Yoda in my life. By the end of this season, I think Boba Fett is introduced! Make sure you watch my full video and let me know your own theories.

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