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The Mandalorian episode 4 reaction is here! It’s all about the blood shed as the Mandalorian and baby Yoga try to find refuge on a remote planet. The big question is will they ever be safe?


The Mandalorian episode 4, The Sanctuary, reaction is here and again this episode did not disappoint! Beware of SPOILERS throughout this reaction! The show gave us blood shed as the Mandalorian and baby Yoga try to lay low by finding refuge on a remote planet. But will they actually ever be safe? Check out our reaction video, then comment below with your theories.

It’s imperative that the Mandalorian and baby Yoga lay low. Every singe bounty hunter in the galaxy is looking for them. At the start of the episode they think they’ve found a good quiet planet, but they run into another soldier named Cara Dune. She’s claimed this planet and at first the Mandalorian agrees to leave, but then they decide to work together.

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One of the best parts about this episode is that it gave us two strong female characters. We’ve barely encountered women so far and now this one focused on two, Cara, and a villager named Omera, who has a romantic interest in the Mandalorian.

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These two strong females are essential in this episode. The Mandalorian and Cara agree to help defend a village against Raiders and they teach them how to fight. Besides the Mandarlorian, Cara and Omera are the best fighters in the episode. I love that they put this spin on it. Both the actresses who play them are recognizable, but I’m not calling them cameo’s because I hope they bring them back in future episodes.

By the end of the episode the Mandalorian and baby Yoga know they can’t stay on this planet and off they go again. This leads us to questioning whether there will be blood shed everywhere they go. They can’t escape being hunted, but I hope they actually get a team of people protecting them. This episode showed us that’s possible.



Make sure you check full the Mandalorian episode 4 reaction. They teased a helmet reveal, but again no luck in seeing the Mandalorians face. Let me know what your favorite part of this episode was!

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