Tea for All! – Starbucks acquires Teavana

Tea is wonderful!  Piping hot, chilled cold to perfection with a light squeeze of lemon, or served with those amazingly dainty tea sandwiches; love it!  As a little girl I cherished my tea parties, quietly serving my stuffed teddy bears some chamomile. And even today I still love tea parties, now with grownups of course.  They’re fabulous!  Tea, little sandwiches, pastries, clotted cream.  Oh delish! Sadly everyday can’t be a tea party day, but that’s what makes them so special.  I started with teabags and then discovered the art of lose teas.  What a concept! One which Teavana perfected.  Teavana, a little bit of tea heaven wrapped in a storefront.

When I first found Teavana I was in awe.  It’s for sure fancy tea! They have the most amazing lose tea blends I’ve ever tasted, mixing berries with flower petals and herbs and spices.  My personal favorite is Matevana, a rooibos chai blend.  It’s delish because its chai, with a wonderful spice flavor.  Did I mention I love this store?  Teavana has so many wonderful blends, all open for tasting, purchase, or as a brewed tea to go.

Now Starbucks has paid six hundred and twenty million dollars cash to buy Teavana Holdings, Inc.  Hot damn!  I’d say it’s more than worth it, but that’s some serious cash.  Starbucks is on a roll lately, buying a small boutique bakery chain (La Boulange) and a fresh pressed juice chain (Evolution).  They already own Tazo Tea, and with Teavana they’ve now formed a small army of shops, conquering the beverage and bakery world.  Oh my!

What will happen to my beloved Teavana?  Starbucks better maintain its tea glory or I’ll be really angry!  Like little girl throwing a tantrum because mommy wouldn’t let me buy the hot pink Barbie roadster that drives itself angry.  Here’s what they SHOULD do, and my sources tell me it’s in work.  Expand and open Teavana tea as a standalone tea cafe serving those dainty sandwiches, pastries and of course both lose and bagged teas.  How wonderful!  I hear they are definitely opening Tazo tea cafes.  Excuse me?  Two tea cafes, umm what?  Oh wait, this is incredible!  Tazo is the lower end tea shop and Teavana is the higher end shop.  Well played Starbucks, well played.  They already do this with their coffee, having Starbucks and Seattle’s Best brands.  Their plans apparently include bringing Teavana into the consumer packaged goods arena as well, so the awe inspiring high end lose leaf teas will soon be everywhere.  High end tea for the masses!  Boo yah!

I’m excited!  All the exclamation points should’ve been a clue, but hot damn this is like the perfect cup of chai, spiced with a dab of cinnamon and maybe a wisp of nutmeg.  Until recently there wasn’t a Teavana anywhere near me in Los Angeles, which was completely perplexing.   How could there not be a high end tea shop in Los Angeles of all places?  Finally one opened.  Score!  And now they will be everywhere.  Double score!  Starbucks please go ahead and work your magic.  Bring me high end lose tea, my personal tea nirvana.  Bring me more Teavana!

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