Switching Up Your Runs Will Help Your Running Pace!

Switching up your runs will help your running pace and I know from personal experience. Its something I need to remember more often, because I’m always pleasantly surprised how my pace improves after I’ve switched up a run.


Diary of a Running Chick: March 26th, 2018

This past week I had family in town and went to visit San Diego. I decided to embrace the gym while I was there, because I don’t go to the gym that often anymore. Upon my first day hitting up the gym, I realized that it felt so nice to be doing something different. That small change ignited something inside me. I decided that I’d do the elliptical, since I don’t do use one very often. As I was exercising, I made a promise to apply change to my runs and my running pace.

I’ve been running at a pretty consistent pace recently. Even though I had a bout of sickness, I still got outside to run. Consequently my body has been so sore, and when I’m extremely sore, my pace always suffers. I find myself trudging along, just embracing whatever pace that’s as fast as I can go. This is great, but it was time for a change. I like to run faster.

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The day that I got back from San Diego I was able to go out for a nice run with my man. The best part was that my parents were still in town, so they could watch the baby! Our runs normally involve the baby and a stroller, so when we get a chance to run without her, we always feel so much stronger. The two of us took this opportunity to run together and push ourselves and our running pace! This led us to run faster than we had in a very long time!

I love that we did this. Since I hadn’t run outside most of the week, switching up my run helped with my pace. Honestly, that goes for every time I switch up my runs. I need to remember that switching things up helps my running pace, but it also makes you sore the next day. That is great though, because then I know that I really pushed myself.


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Another benefit of switching up your runs, besides helping your pace, is that it motivates you to want to continue to switch it up! That is my goal for this week, to continue to switch it up. I need to embrace different routes and even when I run with the baby, I need to continue to have that motivation and push myself.

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The way I get the most out of my runs is by coming back to this simple truth. Switching up your runs helps with your pace. It’s easy to get complacent with running, but knowing how to avoid it will help you be a consistent runner through all of life’s hiccups! I always need to check in with myself to make sure I’m not getting complacent. That is how I’ve stayed on top of my running!

Switching up your runs helps your running pace and these are words to run by! I need to embrace this at least every other week. It helps me keep running and making sure those runs are all different and fun.


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