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The Walking Dead Season 8 just jugs along! It’s 4 lazy storylines that just have us face palming! Up on our BuzzChomp youtube channel.


Sunday’s episode had me thinking we were back in Season 1 or 2 because the things that happened just seemed so lazy of Rick and Co. They had a battle with Simon and the Saviors, while Simon wanted to kill all at hilltop, they still kept the tainted weapons. The battle was good and the wounded were infected, but Rick and Co made no precautions with their wounded!

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Take the man who had a brief thing with Carol. His story line is the laziest of all because he was on death’s door! He got stabbed pretty badly and we are to believe that he’s on the mend even though he doesn’t look it. There is no one watching the wounded in the infirmary and this is just ridiculous! People die more frequently and without warning on The Walking Dead. We are to believe that 8 seasons in they just let their super wounded be unmanned? That is what you do in season 1 or 2 not in Season 8!

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This whole storyline is just lazy! You have a room full of people all sleeping together and not one of them wakes up and screams when the walker comes in. You’re telling me all these people are sound asleep? I’m not buying it. No one sleeps soundly in a room full of people and in the apocalypse! The Walking Dead season 8 storylines have gotten lazy. That is all it comes down.

We have seen these style storylines because and no one is acting as if it’s they’ve lived in this apocalyptic world for years now! The actions of this episode were not of those who have lived through as much as they have, but of a bunch of amateurs! The writers of The Walking Dead Season 8 created 4 lazy storylines! There is more than the above!

Check out our video and let us know what you’re thinking of The Walking Dead Season 8.




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