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Fitness Apparel: How Millennials Are Redefining Fashion

The Millennial generation is slowly reshaping our world, and health and fitness are no exception. Sophia Smith guides you through this change and how Millennials are redefining Fitness Apparel and fashion.


There is so much buzz about the millennial generation. Everything they do, every new rule they make, whether it’s about spending habits, career goals or fashion tendencies, is examined. They are certainly a generation that is interesting to watch. What makes them so interesting is the way they are slowly but visibly reshaping the world we live in. Millennials are raising consciousness on sociopolitical, gender and even environment issues. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and we mean that quite literally. Health and fitness are no exception, but what about fitness apparel? Sophia Smith has your answers.

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Millennials already outnumber the baby boomers, and are some of the most coveted young talent out there. When passion for a great number of things is combined with such a vast number of people committed to them, real change comes as a result. This change extends into the area of fitness and the pursuit of health and wellness. Let’s take a tour of millennial fitness tendencies and uncover all of the underlying changes this shift has brought upon.


What came first?

Care for the environment and personal well-being are incredibly intertwined and are constantly pulling each other. This is the main driving force of millennials. Their advocacy of a safe and more preserved planet is connected with their desire to live long, healthy lives and instill those same values in future generations. This is precisely why they are generally known for healthier dietary habits and why they’re dedicated to exercising regularly.

However, unlike some of the previous generations, this one is not likely to break a sweat in a regular gym. According to research, not only are gym memberships considered pricey by millennials, but they also feel that there are more adventurous and social ways to get into shape. They value a great communal environment and want to feel like a part of something bigger. There is also the ‘digital junkie’ factor that has driven many people from traditional gyms to fitness apps. Hey, if you can get all of the right advice and motivation from an app, why even bother with the gym?


Where do the clothes come in?

One of the biggest driving forces of the tremendous rise of the athleisure trend is this desire to be fit and healthy. Now, one could say that people of previous generations exercised as well, so it’s not like millennials are discovering hot water. This is true, but the way millennials are changing the world of sportswear, fitness apparel, and fashion in general transcends numbers and mere increases in sales.

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No, millennials are not here to play. They’re here to own the game. Let’s call a spade a spade, because gym clothes of the past were not appealing, let alone a fashion choice one could rock in the real world. That is finally changing.


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There was a need for clothes that are both practical and supportive, everything gym clothes are supposed to be, but also stylish. Millennials are multi-taskers; they need to be able to have a workout and then head to a brunch or run errands without changing outfits. There was a gap in the market, one which the athleisure trend has filled. Everyone from existing brands like New Balance, to luxury couture brands, saw an opportunity for improvement. Millennials talked and the industry listened. Now we have the aforementioned New Balance coming out with more stylish sneakers you can proudly wear with a dress. But more importantly, they also have more supportive sneakers that can take anything when you’re breaking a good sweat.


We have high-end brands collaborating with street wear to create luxury athleisure lines. Even celebrities want a piece of the pie, with the likes of Beyoncé and Kate Hudson coming out with their own athleisure fitness apparel lines. Special attention is being placed not only on comfort, but also on trendiness. Every color is now carefully selected to follow general fashion trends. When millennial pink is hot, everyone comes out with a millennial pink line of clothes.


Comfort above all else

No other generation has done to the world of fitness apparel what millennials are doing. They expressed a need for more presentable and fashionable sportswear, one that is not only an exercise uniform, but also a fashion statement in its own right. The simple fact is that members of this generation lead very busy, sometimes incredibly hectic lives. They don’t want constrictive clothing that will slow them down.

Millennials are always on the go and today’s sportswear allows them to look the part, whichever that part may be. This is why athleisure is not a fad and it’s not going anywhere. Life dictates trends and this commitment to health and an active lifestyle has no intention of declining. Neither will the need for constant innovation in the fitness apparel and athleisure world of fashion.


Get to Know the Writer:

Sophia Smith is a beauty blogger, eco-lifestyle lover and food enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, yoga and mindful living. Sophia writes mostly about lifestyle-related topics in her blogs. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Eco Warrior Princess, How to Simplify, Carousel, Fit x Brit and Peaceful Dumpling.



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