Stepping it up for real fitness results!


Now is the time kids, to work your bum off at the gym and get that bikini or beach body you keep talking about. The best way to step up your workouts and achieve those fitness goals is to switch it up and add a new circuit exercise to your normal fitness routine. Step it up for real fitness results!

Try a workout challenge. I’ve been doing 30 day challenges for the last six months and love them. They add variety to your exercise routine and are great daily accomplishments. Most recently I completed a 21-day arm sculpting challenge. I found it on Popsugar’s Pinterest page (Here it is) and damn. Seriously, this challenge has brought it. It starts off with light reps and builds itself up. I was familiar with all the moves except one, the bent-over reverse fly. At first I didn’t think I could do more than 8 reps of each, but I’ve been rocking it. I’m noticing a complete difference in my arms now; their sculpted. I added it in to my normal workout routine and got major results.

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Add in extra cardio. If you workout in the morning like I do, set aside 5-10 extra minutes and break out your jump rope. Set a timer kids and start with five minutes of straight jumping. It’s both fun and challenging and you can TOTALLY set aside five extra minutes in the morning. Add it onto your workout tomorrow. If you’re really serious about stepping it up, when you get home from work grab your jump rope and go for another 5-10 minutes. Adding in extra jump rope workouts will rev up your metabolism and you’ll see some great results. Trust me, it will quickly build muscle and shed weight!


Add in a core workout. I love discovering new workouts on Pinterest and Instagram and recently saw a one called the Abs on Fire workout. Its six abdominal moves (pictured above) with three sets of ten each to start. I just started adding this bad boy into my workout routine and hot damn. My abs have DEFINITELY been on fire. Try adding this core workout into your routine three or four times a week and watch that six pack come to life.

Add in 36 push-ups and squats every other day. This one is on my list next, as I just finished a 30 day push-up challenge, but I can’t wait to add it to my workout routine. It’s super basic; do three sets of 12 push-ups and three sets of 12 squats, alternating between the two exercises. Push-ups and squats are amazing! They’re intense and true full body workouts.


Adding any of these four workouts on top of your daily exercise routine will make a huge difference. It’s the extras that really push you to the next level! Remember to drink a lot of water and watch of what you’re eating. Just because you’ve added in extra exercises, doesn’t give you an excuse pig out on junk.

Have fun stepping it up. Be creative and challenge yourself for some real fitness results! Keep pushing it kids and remember, just by doing a little extra than you normally do will lead to HUGE results!


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