Southern Living Magazine Holiday Shout Out!

Southern Living magazine has provided me a treasure trove of recipes since I first discovered it down South as a young woman. Nothing beats its holiday flare and Christmas spirit!


It was by chance that I first discovered Southern Living magazine. Being from Pennsylvania originally and then moving to Massachusetts, the publication was not available in my area. But as a young woman I was lucky enough to discover Southern Living on a vacation down South. It has enriched my life ever since, especially around the holidays.

My first experience with the magazine was a memorable one. I was drawn to a beautiful picture of a sky-high layer cake on the cover and my interest was thoroughly peaked, prompting me to buy it immediately. As I skimmed through the pages I was so drawn to the foods and articles and amazing photography. As I read more and more of the articles I began to feel a kinship with the classic decorating featured in the publication. It was classic but not unapproachable, something I could feel comfortable incorporating into my home.

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I became a subscriber and have looked forward to the arrival of a new issue each month, eager for more decorating inspiration and recipes to add to my growing list of favorites from Southern Living. Over the years I’ve turned more and more to this inspirational magazine for recipes that are both beautifully presented and easily duplicated for my family and friends. Along with inspiration, I’ve developed a kinship with the gracious southern lifestyle shared in the magazine, genuine hospitality at it’s finest that speaks to my soul.


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All these years later and Southern Living never fails me with their ever-changing selection of fail proof recipes. Although I am an experienced cook, creating my own recipes on my blog, I still turn to Southern Living Magazine each month for inspiration. Their new recipes are a delight and I always look forward to cooking them for my family. While I continue to subscribe to other magazines, I find that lately their recipes are not in tune with everyday cooking, entertaining, and holiday celebrations. Thankfully there’s Southern Living.

Southern Living’s recipes are not intimidating. They don’t require that you use hard to find ingredients and tools not found outside of a professional chef’s kitchen. I recommend Southern Living to everyone who wants to learn, as well as improve their cooking skills without having to Google all of the ingredients, or purchase expensive kitchen tools that might never be used again. Why intimidate a new cook before they even have a chance to make their first meal?

My experience has taught me that difficult doesn’t always translate to good or exceptional. For me, cooking is a zen like experience that flows freely, never feeling strained or forced. Not to mention pretentious or snotty. I’ve learned that I don’t want to feel like I’ve expended more energy in the preparation of a meal, than in the actual enjoying and savoring of the meal with family and friends.


Thank you Southern Living for never failing to enthrall and engage me each and every month, twelve times a year! I especially love how you do the holidays. Check out the December 2016 issue of Southern Living and see what I mean. I was not disappointed in this outstanding and beautiful Holiday Issue!




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