Westworld Finale Reaction: One BIG Lie

What we thought was going on never was. That was the biggest lie of all in Westworld. Every discovery proved to be a red herring, another lie to mask the true plot. Then the cliffhanger happened and literally anything is possible now!

Lies, metaphors and a 35 year circle of life. The maze was a lie if you believed in it. Maeve’s plight was a lie if you ignored the truth. The only thing real was Delores, and she was trapped in time.

What other questions do you have about Westworld? Maybe I can answer them. If not, I’ll speculate and give you a kick ass answer.

Comment on our video and let us know what you think of Westworld. Give us your season 2 predictions!

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Photo Credits to: HBO and Bad Robot

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1 Comment

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