Shocking No One in NFL Week 6: Top Teams Unstoppable

nfl week 6

What’s so shocking about NFL Week 6? How utterly predictable the top teams are, because this NEVER happens! They are unstoppable, but someone will knock them off eventually.

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The NFL is never predictable. First-to-worst and worst-to-first; large swaths of the playoff field turning over each and every season. This league is built on parity. We expect it. Being unpredictable is predictable. So, does that make what’s happening in 2023 completely unpredictable…because the top is so incredibly predictable?

Atop the NFL standings sit the following squads: 5-0 San Francisco, 5-0 Philadelphia, and 4-1 Kansas City. These were projected to be the three best teams in football before the season started. You can quibble on point differentials and early outcomes, but all in all, they are turning out to be exactly that.

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In NFL Week 6, that is not going to change. Kansas City faces one of the worst teams in the sport Thursday night. San Francisco is nearly a touchdown favorite on the road in Cleveland, while Philadelphia is more than a touchdown favorite playing at the Jets, who are now without their top o-lineman for the remainder of the season. Let’s just pencil in three wins right now.

Looking into the future further, when will each NFC team lose its first game? Is there any other NFC team who even has a remote chance at making the championship game? On the Chiefs’ side, when is another loss coming, if it is, and is Miami a real threat to the KC crown? These teams appear unstoppable, but they can’t possibly be.


NFL Week 6: Shockingly Predictable On Top



Todd Salem: Three Unstoppable Forces

I’m actually lower on the Eagles than our intro has led on. Philadelphia has a really hard schedule. The first five weeks was the easiest part, and though all wins, those five victories were not walks in the park. San Francisco is the real behemoth here. The 49ers are steamrolling fools and may be undefeated up until their matchup with Philly in Week 13. There aren’t all easy games between now and then, but San Fran will certainly be favored in each contest.

In terms of the rest of the conference, a funny thing is happening. With the exception of Minnesota, the top of each division is identical to the way things finished last year: Philly and Dallas, Tampa Bay, San Fran, Seattle, with Detroit in playoff position like they were up until the end in 2022. What has changed? 

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Well, for one, no one thinks the Bucs are going to be real contenders even if they hang onto a division crown. Maybe Detroit and Seattle are for real once again, but I’d feel more confident in the Dallas infrastructure and elite defense even after their shallacking. Despite the early record, I actually put Philadelphia more in this second tier, and SF stands alone at the top.

In the AFC, everyone has already circled Week 9’s neutral site game between the Chiefs and Dolphins. It would be dangerous for KC to look that far ahead, though. Success has been hard to come by in the early going. Much like Philly, the record doesn’t capture the struggles. And it’s really been the offense that is coming up short, to everyone’s surprise. If Travis Kelce continues to be less than 100 percent, or even misses more contests outright, this offense has problems. I’m not sure this group can hang with Miami regardless!

Maybe it’s a blessing that the Kansas City defense has been what’s carried them. No one thinks Patrick Mahomes and company are going to be held in check all year. When the offensive production catches up, this team will be a Super Bowl favorite once again.


NFL Week 6
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Dan Salem: 49ers Stand Alone

The only team truly dominating thus far is San Francisco, to no one’s surprise. Because injuries are beginning to slow down every other team near the top, we can’t completely ignore that the 49ers have remained healthy to this point. But no matter who goes down in San Fran, because someone will, this team has legs. They are the best right now and I’m not sure anyone stops them all season.

Kansas City was my Super Bowl pick before the season, but after witnessing them truly try to lose to the Jets and require referee intervention to prevent the defeat, I’m not sold on this team. Kelce’s health will determine how hard the road is, because they are going to lose some games, perhaps as early as the Chargers in two weeks. The defense may be good, but it’s not great and it can’t carry the Chiefs much longer. My sentiments are the same for Philadelphia, who may get its first loss this week against those same Jets in NFL Week 6.

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Yes, I said it. The New York Jets are in position to “upset” the Eagles. I’ve been unimpressed with Philly and the New York defense is top 10. Their offense is finding its footing with the backup quarterback and the team has already sustained two terrible injuries, so I’m hoping that part is over. If New York fails to defeat the Eagles, then Philly surely loses to Miami the week after. They haven’t played anyone good yet, and it’s going to show.

Speaking of Miami, these Dolphins have been a warm weather team and until I see them dominate past October, I won’t believe in them. With Achane now out, it’s going to be hard to dominate going forward, and Miami’s schedule has a few real roadblocks on it. Overall it appears fairly tame, but this assumes the team can keep passing like this in cold weather. I need to see it first.

The standings do look basically the same as last year, but it’s too early to call things. Detroit is going to make big trouble in the NFC, because they don’t have a tough schedule and will be rolling into the playoffs. The AFC East dogfight is going to actually help all of Miami, Buffalo, and New York. We knew this in August, but it’s only going to continue. Unless Baltimore gets its act together, no other team has a real shot at pushing for a title.


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