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The West Wing Revisited S1E3 it’s time for a show of force. The President reels from the senseless death of his doctor. He wants to show immense force and this to the military makes him look like the inexperienced president he is.


The West Wing Revisited S1E3 show of force. The President does not agree with the suggested retaliation for the gunning down of his doctors plane. He’s taken it personal and he wants a show of force. The military of course advises him this is foolish. There are protocols in place for this type of thing. The President does not like it!

The West Wing S1E3 Reaction

What we really learn in this episode is that the President is a good guy. He doesn’t agree with the military protocols especially since this attack was unprovoked and even though it was a military plane, it was doctors. I really like that we see that he’s not about these political games.

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Sam and CJ go head to head about the call girl. CJ even has to make a deal with a reporter, who’s giving us romance vibes, so he will not write a story about Sam. Of course, Sam still wants to be friends with the call girl and feels his private life should be his private life.

In the end, the President decides to go with the military generals recommendation and bomb an empty communication building that they will rebuild within the year. What we see is that his whole staff respects him and fanboy’s over him. What are your thoughts on S1E3. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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