James Wan Top 5 Movies All Time

James Wan top 5 movies of all time! James Wan has written, directed, and produced some absolutely amazing films! From the moment I saw Saw all those years ago, I thought he’s an amazing filmmaker.


James Wan Top 5 movies of all time! He’s written, directed, produced, and created some of the most amazing horror franchises of the 21st century. From the moment I saw Saw, I knew I wanted to see more of what this man has to create! He’s an amazing versatile filmmaker.


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I love horror movies and that’s mainly what Wan has done. The first film of his I ever saw is Saw. This is a prolific franchise and it’s not the only one he’s had a hand in creating! One of his newer films Malignant is really goods and interesting. There is also The Nun, which he is a producer of. We can’t forget The Conjuring and that whole universe.

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My top film is Insidious. It’s creepy and I absolutely love Patrick Wilson in these films. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Top 5.



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