Foundation Season 2 Episode 10 | Revolution

History is not written and the revolution has just begun! From within Empire to Foundation and the Spacers, no one is safe from freedom’s alluring gaze. Will Gaal save herself, let alone the galaxy? Foundation season 2.


The revolution is complete and all consuming. Empire is a clean slate as Demerzel revolted from the inside. The Vault is now a spaceship, so both Foundations persist. Even Gaal is revolting against her future, drawing the Mule to her in what appears to be an inevitable doom. Foundation season 2.

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Foundation season 2 is one giant identity crisis. Empire is too arrogant to see progress made by Foundation. Gaal and Hari feud because they know no other way, yet her daughter Salvor could help, except she’s older. That makes things weird and untenable. With war surrounding everything and everyone, who will save civilization from destroying itself?


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foundation season 2


Salvor and Gaal are two sides of a coin. One sees the future, while the other dreams the past. Salvor has innate abilities, while Gaal has yet to unlock her own. Hari is most likely the key, solving the riddle which is this unlikely puzzle. The survival of humanity depends on it.

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Foundation season 2 declares war to be inevitable, but that is never true. Empire will ensure war, but only because progress threatens their genetic domination. When a daughter is older than her mother, anything is possible. How many Hari’s truly exist? Which one is good and which one is evil? Keep your comments coming and then check out our video on episode 10.


foundation season 2


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