Uma Thurman Top 5 Roles All Time

Uma Thurman top 5 roles of all time! Her career definitely shows us just how versatile she is. The roles she plays are all so diverse and she’s wonderful in all them!


Uma Thurman Top 5 roles of all time! Her career definitely sows just how versatile she is. She does action, comedy, and of course drama. I love all the wonderful choices in characters she makes, which helps solidifying her as an absolutely amazing actress!


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Uma Therman is such an amazing talent and the films and roles she’s chosen over the years are great! If it’s something fun like Be Cool that I always loved her in because it’s a fun movie. Then there is The Truth About Cats and Dogs, which is definitely an underrated romantic comedy and more people should see her in it. While Robin Hood, is not my favorite version, she is FANTASTIC as Maid Marion and of course she’s amazing in Pulp Fiction. That was the first film I saw her in and who doesn’t love her iconic dance with John Travolta.

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My top film is Kill Bill. There is no one who could play the bride like her and it’s an iconic role of hers. Share with me your thoughts? Make sure you check out my Top 5.


Uma Thurman


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