Locked In Facts For NFL Week 3 Matchups

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No matter what happens in NFL Week 3, these locked in facts are indisputable. Miami versus Denver won’t change a thing. Same for the Giants and 49ers. Facts exposed.

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Our sample size of the 2023 NFL season has doubled. That said, we’ve only gone from one outcome to two outcomes for each squad. So much is still unknown or up in the air. Yet some facts are now indisputable, like the Dolphins and 49ers dominance continuing. Others are more unsettling.

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Which NFL Week 3 matchups feature teams we know inside and out? Who do we feel confident about, opinions good or bad? It is hard to feel too confident about anyone, but nailing down both sides of a matchup would be the ideal. Three games meet the mark.


NFL Week 3: Indisputable Facts



Todd Salem: Denver and Miami Facts

The clearest picture in NFL Week 3 comes from Denver at Miami. Not to say that this is the game that would be easiest to pick. (I’m looking at you Dallas at Arizona.) However, the Broncos and Dolphins present the pairing I am most confident in declaring as set archetypes.

Miami is easy. This team is really good when healthy. That’s about it. So far, they are healthy. The offense is cruising; the defense can be scored upon but has playmakers that can change the tide. We don’t yet know for sure if either of the teams Miami has faced are any good. Some could argue we do know that they are not good, which could increase the uncertainty surrounding Miami itself. But I don’t agree with that and am confident that Miami can hang with anyone in the league on the right day

For Denver on the other side, I am again confident in my assessment. This is an okay-to-average team that can lose to anyone if things don’t go their way. They already have two close losses, by a combined three points. It isn’t hard to imagine Denver at 2-0 right now. But even if they were, I don’t know if that changes their ceiling. 

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Maybe it isn’t fair to Sean Payon to mark Denver as average-at-best when he’s only had two games to mold this offense. I could be open to that argument, but I don’t know if the talent of these players is high enough to change my opinion on their ceiling. If you also want to throw at me the fact that Javonte Williams will keep getting better as he gets closer to 100 percent, I would counter with the prediction that Williams never gets much healthier. He will be constantly dinged, recovering, or straight-up unavailable.

So there you have it. It’s only been two weeks, but Miami is locked in as an upper-echelon contender as long as they stay healthy. Denver is boxed into being a middle-tier club with low upside and a low ceiling. I expect Miami to win, but I don’t think this opinion will change even if the Broncos come out victorious.


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Dan Salem: 49ers and Bears Truth

Barring an injury, Micah Parsons is locked in as the defensive player of the year. No contest. Slam dunk. He is insanely talented and will not be stopped by any offensive line all season. He makes the Dallas defense really good and that team is going to run away with the NFC, assuming health is not an issue. I know this because they humiliated the middle-tier Giants and truly pushed around the New York Jets, who have a top-tier defense. That was a close game on the scoreboard until midway through the third quarter, but it never felt very close because Dallas dominated on both lines of scrimmage.

To answer your original question, the NFL Week 3 matchup that is locked in for me is New York versus San Francisco. We know who the Giants are, and being without Barkley this week, we DEFINITELY know who the Giants will be. They are in the same box as Denver. A middle-tier club with top-tier aspirations that is currently struggling to dominate anything. The 49ers are very good, but not quite as great as everyone assumed. That said, San Francisco is upper-echelon and even a shocking close loss won’t change this fact.

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I’ll throw one other matchup into the ring for NFL Week 3. There are plenty of miss-matches and games that likely get out of hand, but Chiefs versus Bears has all the makings of a poor man’s Miami versus Denver. Kansas City is better than Miami, even if their offense has not played like it just yet. Chicago is worse than Denver, even though most everyone is in denial about it so far. These teams are locked into their boxes, even though the sides of each box are a bit rough at the moment.

Can we also call it like it is with Justin Herbert? He’s Dan Marino 2.0 with a much bleaker outlook of ever playing in the postseason. Marino got there, but never won a championship. Herbert may one day find playoff success, but his team is holding back his legacy. He’s playing insanely well, but it’s never quite enough.


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