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Totally Killer review is totally 80s! I love time travel movies and horror comedy movies. It’s been a while since we’ve got either and I totally dig this one.


Totally Killer review is totally 80s. I love time travel movies and horror comedy movies. This one gives us the best of both worlds. A lot of comedies fall flat, but this one DOES not at all. It’s funny and there are even some creepy moments.


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I don’t want to hype this movie up, but if you like fun movies with a great cast then you should definitely check this out. Julie Bowen is great in it. Kiernan Shipka is amazing. I always love Randall Park. This film successfully embodies an 80s movie as well as poking fun at 80s movies and ourselves.

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Totally Killer has some good twists, good scares, and is definitely worth a viewing. Share with me your thoughts? Make sure you check out my review.



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