Self Motivating to Exercise

Every couple of months it happens; you need to self motivate to keep exercising. Life crops up and tries to take you away from working out. So we motivate! I was reminded of this twice last week, but I stayed strong. The first instance shook me to my core; I saw someone who I’d previously seen in my workout class a ton having suddenly put on a lot of weight. Like forty pounds. Without any back-story mind was struggling with how anyone could let that happen. The second instance was in my own life; I had quite the case of jet lag last week which left me exhausted and sore. But I pushed through it and still managed to run 28 miles last week. Motivation!

Yes people, keep motivating! A big goal of mine is to never, ever get out of shape. That’s my main motivating factor for exercising and always pushing myself. And that’s the secret to working out. Hot damn! I spilled it. You need to find your motivation(s) to keep yourself on course. Find that motivation for those days when the lazy voice in your head starts yelling. It’s so easy to let yourself slide right out of it and stop exercising. But imagine the toll on your body that such a drastic change has. I can’t fathom letting myself go and I’m always so shocked when I see this happen to other people. Maybe your motivation is simply to stay healthy and feel vibrant. Exercise is vital to our well being, so don’t let it go. Keep motivating.
I often think what I would do if I couldn’t run anymore. That would suck! There are plenty of other workouts that give you great results; swimming, biking, spinning, boot camp, cross fit, and so many more. But I love to run! I keep running as often as possible because I love it and want as much as I can, while I can. This just reaffirms to me that whatever you do, you have to do something that you love! It will definitely keep you motivated and loving the easy days and hard days, plus all of your results. And I know I could love any of those other workouts just as much as running, because they all help you stay in fantastic shape and feel great!

When you find an exercise you love, you start to crave it and can’t live without it. So when I see someone who’s fallen out of shape in a short period of time, I think to myself, oh no! Some injury or affliction hit them hard and what if that was me? This is more motivation, a motivating force to get back out there and exercise because you never know when life will sit you down. So take a moment every few months and make sure you’re motivated during your workouts. Re-discover your motivation to exercise, because the more motivated you are, the better results you’ll have and the better and stronger you’ll feel!

Keep doing what you’re doing people! Stay motivated! Keep working out and remember to always have fun!


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