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It’s easy to put yourself on autopilot while you run, so it’s time to savor each moment! This is integral to running success and a big part of what I share in ‘My Running Diary.’


My Running Diary: April 30th, 2018

I am completely guilty of mentally rushing through a run and it’s something that I constantly check-in with while running. I’m not alone either. Because running is a daily part of my day, its easy to go on autopilot. I expect to run every morning, so if I have a busy day then it’s the first thing I rush. Join me in putting a stop to this and savoring each moment! It’s integral to our running success.

There is always a part of a run where we flip that switch and go on autopilot. Focus in and recognize that moment. It’s essential that we understand this and stop ourselves from doing this. For a really long time I was completely guilty of hitting autopilot and it led me to becoming stagnant in my runs. I would strap on my Running Belt, play my music and activate cruise control. Doing so also led me to slow down, because I just trotted along. It wasn’t until I embraced how it felt to savor the moments of my run that I ‘woke up’ to the full extent that my workouts had to offer.

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To savor the moments of your run, first allow yourself to be 100% present. It’s hard to do this because during so many moments of life we are not present, but once you successfully master this mental challenge it changes your runs! Doing so allowed me to understand the different stages of my runs and achieve running success. There was that moment where I’d let the “difficulty” of the run take me down. It was when I let my pace slow and I didn’t need to. Now I’m aware of it happening and choose to speed up instead!


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I’ve talked before about how I used to think that I had to run five miles every day and if I didn’t have the time to do that, then I didn’t run. This is so silly and I’m not sure why I acted like this. I now love the variety of runs that I experience during the week. Some are long and some are short, making everything better! My mindset first changed when I became pregnant and I fully embraced this once the babe came. I realized that sometimes I need a shorter run and I find that I’ve stayed just as consistent as before, if not even more consistent, when I don’t put that pressure of distance on my runs.

All the different feelings of a run must be experienced and to savor the moments allows you to do just that. It reminds me of why I started running and why I continue to run. It also gives me the running success I crave. With my favorite gear in hand, I am fully present throughout my daily exercise. I love all of the feelings and anytime I have a tough run, I always embrace how wonderful I feel at the end. It would be a shame to not experience that moment.

Running is my favorite part of the day and a perfect way to start the day. I find that if I’m able to savor the moments of my run each morning, then I’m able to savor the moments of my entire day and truly experience them. This makes me present and able to enjoy so many great experiences throughout life! Anytime I find myself slacking in savoring a run, I always slow down and make sure my autopilot is turned off!


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