Running on Vacation Is a Must: My Running Diary!

I love running on vacation. It’s a must! The fun of running in a different area really spices up your fitness! Why run on vacation? Because its great kids!


Diary of a Running Chick: June 27th, 2016

This past weekend I spent time with my family in Boston. It was a mini vacation that let me embrace running in a whole new area. I’m always a little more free with my diet, so fitness was a must. Luckily Boston is a perfect area to run in! There’s a nice little incline to my route, but it’s very gradual which is a great change of pace from my normal runs. I run a lot of hills in Los Angeles, so I definitely enjoyed the break on my vacation.

I find that I can just run and be free on vacation. Its wonderful! I’ve talked about just letting yourself go and simply running, and its even more true while traveling. You run for you and not for distance or time. This helped me put my running in perspective. I was on my trip for four days. The first day I took off, because I needed it. The next three days I just went and ran. It was perfect. I wasn’t running fast, but that was okay. I also realized that on my last day I needed to kick it up, so I did! For the last leg of my run I kicked it into high gear, which was great! I was running with my man and he loved that I was right on his tail. It made him realize that he could be pushing it more too!

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The best part about running on vacation is that I always feel great while having fun and indulging. I like to indulge more on drinks and food, and running kills any guilt. I mean let’s face it, we all indulge on vacation, but no one wants to feel guilty about it later. So it doesn’t matter if you’re not running as far or as fast, it’s the fact that you’re keeping yourself active that matters. You’re still getting a good sweat on! Then you’ll feel good about indulging any way you want!


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Vacation is time for you. I always think that just because I’m on vacation, it doesn’t mean I have to give up running. If you don’t know the area you’re in, that simply opens you up to discover something completely new. I love seeing a new city or area I’m vacationing in! When I was in Hawaii last fall, my man and I ran all around! It was great to be able to run through the area we stayed in. We ran down by the water. We even ran through a few of the resorts that were right by where we were staying. It was great to see a different place so up close and personal. It was like an adventure run and it was so much fun!

That’s really the best part about running on vacation. It’s an adventure! You don’t have to treat it like your regular runs. I still try to run around five miles, but if I don’t it’s okay. So if you don’t run your normal distance, don’t worry about it. I love to keep myself grounded and that’s really what running on vacation is all about. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to run or wants to shake up their running!



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