Running Tips: Replace Your Running Shoes!

Years ago I’d only replace my running shoes every year and a half. Now I know how crazy that was! Little did I know that I was hurting my body. In terms of running tips, replacing your shoes regularly is on top.


Diary of a Running Chick: October 30th, 2017

When I first started consistently running outside I felt great, but then my feet quickly began to hurt. Previously I’d run every day on the treadmill and I thought my shoes were just fine. It wasn’t until I got outside that I realized how wrong I was. I needed to replace my running shoes. I’ll never forget that I once decided to try out a random brand of running sneakers from Big 5 sporting goods. They were legit $25. I thought score, but no. Those bad boys did not hold up running outside and they hurt my feet. As far as running tips go, having the right equipment, i.e. shoes, is critical.

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After buying discounted running shoes, I decided never again! Back then I loved my Adidas running sneakers and so I decided I would go back to them. My feet thanked me, because running outside takes a toll on your body as well as your shoes. This is one of the biggest running tips I can give; replace your running shoes frequently! Even if you stay indoors, make sure your shoes are giving you enough support.

I now know the tell-tale signs of when I need to replace my running shoes. My left ankle sometimes gets sore and it gets very sore when I need new sneakers. It doesn’t matter if I stretch it out or rub it, I know that I need better support for my body. I need new sneakers.


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The second sign is a new one for me. My sciatica gets a little sore. During my pregnancy my sciatica flared up. It subsided after the baby came, but the last month it has been sore off and on. I now know that I need better support!

I once read that you should replace your running shoes every few months. My rule of thumb is about every 6 to 9 months! I always go by how my shoes wear and if they get any rips. The reason why I stopped buying Adidas running sneakers is because I was running through them after only having them for 2-3 months. Even though I felt like they supported my feet well, I hated having to always buy new sneakers or having to tape up spots that ripped! That is just silly. I now buy Under Armour and I still run through them, but it does not happen that often. My latest pair of sneakers I got at the end of January, and they just started to wear. That’s really not bad considering I run a minimum of 4.5 miles on my sneakers every day!

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Even if you run inside on a track or a treadmill, frequently replace your running sneakers. The other day I had an amazing run. I ran 5 minutes faster than the day before. I felt light and free, but I could tell how I needed more support in my feet. If you use something every day, or even 4-5 times a week, you definitely need to replace it frequently. You’re getting your use out of them!

Prepare yourself for running success with our most important of all running tips! Replace your running shoes. It will help you prevent injury. It will help you run faster and longer. But most importantly, it will make your runs so much more enjoyable!



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