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The Walking Dead Season 8 is in the midst of war kids! It’s time to kill the saviors before they kill them! But who’s the real enemy?


Rick has a plan and let’s face it Rick always has a plan when it comes to protecting his group. They’ve got to sneak attack the saviors all at once, get their guns back, and kill as many as they can! Seems easy enough right? They’ve intel from Dwight so what can go wrong?

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Everyone’s morals come in to play. How can you kill people that have surrendered? You don’t want to of course but it was kill everyone before they kill you! Even Rick who wants to kill all of the saviors has his own crisis of morals. On his hunt for his guns he comes across a baby. That’s right the saviors have families but the question is did he kill the babies father OR is Gracie Negan and his dead wife’s baby?

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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The twist at the end of this episode is so good! A blast from the past shows up and it’s Morales from Atlanta! He is with Negan but they were buddies in Atlanta! A lot has changed this then though. Now Morales is an enemy or is he? That is the big question!

Who do you all think is the enemy?


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