Running Tips: How to Adapt to Change!

Dedicating yourself to running every day means adapting to change. It’s the most essential of all running tips, especially when you run outside! Fall and winter weather is unpredictable, so don’t let it become an obstacle. Instead, adapt to change!


Diary of a Running Chick: October 16th, 2017

I love when it’s hot in Los Angeles, but I’m not a big fan of 90 degree weather in October. We’re having a mini heat wave here and honestly, it can throw you when it comes to running. Weather is unpredictable. That’s why, to be a consistent runner you need to adapt to change! It’s the best of all running tips.

Use the weather only to know how you should dress. I used to look at the weather prior to my run and I’d immediately let it deter me from a run. This was extremely silly. When I began looking at the weather only to know how I should dress, I became a consistent runner. I adapted to the changing weather. I didn’t let it sway me from running.

Embrace different running times. This is one that I have to remind myself of all the time. I love to run in the morning and I definitely get discouraged if I can’t run in the morning. Last winter was extremely rainy for Los Angeles, but most of the time the rain stopped by late morning/early afternoon. If we have another rainy winter, I need to adapt to change. I need to embrace running later in the day. Every time I run in the afternoon, I always have an amazing and different experience.

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“Man Up” your inner voice. Running is more mental than physical. When you can reign in your inner voice, you’ll always adapt to change. You’ve got to “man up.” Be honest with why you’re staying in bed or skipping the afternoon run. Do you really need a rest, or are you letting an outside force control your decision? Trust me when I say that 9 out of 10 times I go run and that 10th time is when I need the rest! That’s how you stay consistent and it allows you to adapt to change.


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Keep yourself seasonally consistent. I know so many people who only run during certain seasons. A lot of people take the winter off or try to start running in the winter. First, winter runs are great because there is definitely a part of the day that’s perfect running weather no matter where you live. Let’s face it, you really can adapt to running in the cold. Cold weather gear is so good nowadays and really, unless a blizzard hits, it’s always possible to get in a solid run.

Starting to run in the winter can hinder your consistency because of the weather! My favorite time to start running is in the spring. The weather is temperate and amazing. It gives you a long stretch of time with such nice weather. That allows you to build consistency and learn to adapt.

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Mastering how to adapt to change is a must if you are working toward consistent runs. I find that the fall through the end of the year is a taxing time. So many events are squeezed into a short two month span. It’s exciting, but it takes up a lot of our attention. Make sure you set aside time for your runs!



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