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The Walking Dead Season 8 is back Sunday night. I am so excited! It’s time for our 8 predictions for the Walking Dead Season 8! WOO!


It’s evident that the Walking Dead Season 8 is going to be all about the war with Negan. They will draw this thing out! It’s not a one and done story line at all! I love that and am super excited to see how it unfolds! A lot of things will definitely occur and that’s why we have 8 predictions!

Just to tease you of a few of our 8 predictions for the Walking Dead Season 8. We definitely think they’ll be some love connections! Daryl and Jesus anyone? In the comics Jesus is gay and has multiple relationships but since Daryl is not in the comics his storyline can take his relationships everywhere. He’s had a few sparks though with Carol and Beth but those relationship always stayed platonic! We can totally see a Daryl and Jesus relationship not staying platonic!

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Another one of our the Walking Dead season 8 predictions is Carl and Enid deflowering one another. In the comics Carl has a love connection and I totally think that Enid plays right into that in the Tv show.

There will definitely be more deaths on the Walking Dead and I think that Gregory has a shelf life and his death will come in season 8! It’s definitely one of our 8 predictions and it will happen this season!

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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Find out who else we think will die, who’s going to live, and what other events will happen in the Walking Dead season 8! We’ve got 8 predictions for you!



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