Running Soreness is Real: My Running Diary

Last week I talked about upping your pace and the consequence is running soreness. Yes its legit and nothing to ignore! My running diary.


Diary of a Running Chick: June 6th, 2016

I fully enjoyed upping my pace this past week and am feeling the results. I needed to spice up my running routine and totally amazed myself when I just did it naturally. I guess that’s the funny thing about running, you build up your stamina without evening knowing it. I upped my pace dramatically, cutting eight minutes off my run time. I felt great doing it and now I’m feeling the running soreness. Essentially I was raising the intensity of my workout. The consequence is utter soreness.

Since I run so often, the soreness snuck up on me. After the first two days of upping my pace I felt great. I still felt amazing on day three when I ran by myself at my new pace. But after that third run I felt all the soreness. It was awesome! I had such an amazing energy after that run. I had pushed physically and mentally to hold myself to my pace, a toll that my body would then release. It was a celebration of my hard work. But I don’t get sore all at once. My thighs felt sore first. Then it crept throughout my entire body.

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Despite how my body felt, after three days of running at a higher pace I was compelled to extend my run and see what happened. The longer run was hard but just as much fun! I did not run as fast, but I ran much faster than I had the previous week. A full seven minutes faster. It felt great and of course the next day my body was even more sore. Again I pushed through the soreness and ran. Now I know many of you would have rested by now, but I like to plan out my rest days. I knew I needed two more runs before I could rest and I also wanted to push through the soreness. I wanted to use it as fuel, reminding me that I only did what my body asked for.


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My body was definitely craving a change of pace and that’s why it was so effortless to do it. All the soreness proved how much I needed it. My body wanted to switch it up. Now I just have to continue to let the soreness move through my body as I continue to hold my pace up! Sure, its tempting to rest for another day and give in. But I know I get even stronger by just embracing it and continuing on my path!

I’m accepting the consequences of upping my pace with open arms. I let my body heal itself over the weekend with a well deserved yoga class and some time in the hot tub. I still feel sore, but it’s the kind you get after working hard and I love that kind of soreness. It’s real, but you need to remind yourself that it’s a good soreness to run through. It’s making you stronger and that’s an amazing feeling!



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