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Beach Fashion Essentials: June Buyer’s Guide

Summer is here and that means beach fashion kids! It’s time to get beach ready and go play in the sun. Our June Buyer’s Guide has it all!


I’m all about looking beach ready, but who wants to pay that expensive price? These beach fashion essentials are perfect!

Let’s face it, if you’re headed to the beach and you’re lucky enough to be able to bike there, then you want to be dressed and ready for the sun! Make sure you have a good solid bikini, a cute but versatile bathing suit, plus an outfit that is beach and street worthy. We’ve got it all kids! The male/female versions so you and your guy or gal are prepared.

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! Now it’s time for our June Buyer’s Guide! Gear up for beach weather and all of your summer vacations!


Beach Fashion Buyer’s Guide
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June Buyers Guide imilan-boho-paisley-bikini-set-sexy-women-beachwear-swimsuit-fba-s-us-size-2-4-red-B00KR63LF8-320x380
Imilan Paisley Bikini 2pc Set $16.98

I love bikinis and I’m always looking for new and cute ones. This bikini will look great for your beach adventure. It’s versatile, perfect for your bike ride down and for just lounging on the beach!


June Buyers Guide 91CbM2csnGL._UX342_
Kanu Surf Men’s Swim Trunks $18.99

I love bathing suits on guys that they can wear all day by the beach and biking down to the beach. This is one of those suits! All you got to do is throw on a tank and grab your beach stuff and you’re good to go. You or your guy are going to look great without even trying!


June Buyer's Guide WANGSCANIS-Women-Crewneck-Sleeveless-Casual-Loose-Chiffon-Tank-Top-Shirt-0-0
Wangscanis Sleeveless Tank $7.99

This tank looks great and it’s such a steal! Let’s face it, you don’t want to ruin a super nice tank at the beach, but you want to look like you’re wearing something top notch. This bad boy is it! You can throw it over your brand new bikini, ladies.


June Buyer's Guide 616m7SZE+GL._UL1500_
Doublju Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt $9.99

I love guys in tank tops, but not all guys like them. This v-neck t-shirt is definitely a must! It’s cute, versatile and it comes in a variety of different colors! If you or your guy want a few of these, they’re perfect for a day by the beach or a night on the town!


June Buyer's Guide 235-0301-4834-97-yyy
Vanilla Star Destructed Shorts $22.99

I love cut off shorts! You can never have too many for the summer. I always try to buy a new pair when I find one I like. You can wear them down by the beach, at a picnic, or dress them up at night!


June Buyers Guide 51Xx4zOawCL.01_SL500_
Manwan Walk Men’s Linen Shorts $16.85

These shorts are fashionable and comfortable! Sometimes guy’s shorts are just okay. There is not always a ton of good short options out there, but these bad boys come in different colors so you can definitely have a few pairs! They’re perfect for day or night.


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June Buyers Guide 2432816-p-4x
Reef Women’s Twisted Stars Flip Flop $24.95

I love flip flops! I feel like you can’t have enough of them. Granted, living in SoCal I wear mine most of the year! These Reefs are a must on my list this summer season. They look great for the beach and you can really wear them anywhere.


June Buyers Guide 61SWn+5xNKL._UX395_
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Flip Flop $12.73

Not every man likes to wear flip flops, but every man really should, especially in the summer. Let your feet breath and get a trendy pair like this one. They look great and once you start wearing flip flops, you really will love them. I turned my man on to them!


June Buyer's Guide 2159007
Schwinn Women’s Hybrid Bike $197.92

You’re all dressed for the beach, but now you need your bike. I love Schwinn bikes. They make a great and affordable bike. If you live in Los Angeles, this is a perfect bike to get you to the beach. You’ll look great and it rides great!


June Buyer's Guide 81FS6FTy7NL._SX522_
Schwinn Men’s Hybrid Bike $277.01

You can’t let your lady or your friends ride around on a bike without you. My man has a Schwinn bike and he loves it! This one is perfect to ride down to the beach in Los Angeles and you’ll love riding around your city or town too.



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