WTF Arya Stark! Game of Thrones Season 6 Reaction

WTF Arya Stark! It’s all about our Game of Thrones Season 6 reaction.

I have not been a big fan of Arya’s storyline. All I want her to do is to reunite with her family. I knew she wasn’t going to be one of the faceless men. Let’s face it she’s better than that! She’s destined for great things as all Stars are!

Enough of this whole Braavos thing she needs to get back to Westeros. I know they want us to think she’s going to die but I know that is not true. I’m not falling for that play anymore. Let’s get her back home to her family so she can unite with Sansa and Jon Snow!

What do you all think of Arya’s storyline?

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