Running Diary: How To Stay Cool in Summer Heat

It’s a hot summer already, making it super nice to enjoy the beach or pool, but difficult to run. Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean you skip running! Embrace the weather with our ‘How To’ guide to stay cool in the summer heat!


Diary of a Running Chick: July 10th, 2017

Pick your running time wisely. Running early in the morning or in the evening is truly the best time during the summer months! If you can run at either of those times, it’s going to be so much more enjoyable. Personally, I love running in the early morning. It’s peaceful and will you keep you much cooler than later in the day. If that doesn’t appeal to you, try running in the evening. It will also be significantly cooler!

Embrace the heat! If you obsess over how hot it is, that’s all you’ll focus on during your whole run. It’s going to make it so much worse. Let go of the heat. Accept your decision to run while it’s hot and you’ll feel much cooler.

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Dress for success. Having the right gear will keep you much cooler. Break out your shorts and tank tops. Some people wear the same thing running all year round, but I always dress for the season and the current temperature.

Stay hydrated! I went running the other day and it was already 75 degrees in the early morning. The sun shined and it got hotter the longer I was out. Prior to leaving my house, I decided to bring water with me. I don’t always bring water, but I was so glad I did. It was a relief to stop and drink water. It kept me feeling so much better during my run!

Try new routes. Running in the heat and humidity burns more calories and fat, but it is harder. It’s more intense. Your normal five mile route will feel much more difficult than it did during the cooler months. Try running a new route, maybe a shorter one. Even if you drop it by a half mile, you’ll still be burning the same as your old five miles based on the heat and humidity.


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Just have fun! The weather is nicer in the summer. We look forward to it all year round. Embrace the heat and have fun. It’s not going to last all year and once the fall comes, you’ll lament for those warm summer days. Just embrace it and have fun. It won’t last forever.

Embrace that detoxifying sweat. I love getting a good sweat in. It always makes me feel amazing. I love running and sweating. In the winter, while I still sweat, it doesn’t feel as detoxifying as it does in the summer. I know these hot days don’t last, so I’m embracing that sweat. Embracing it definitely makes it feel cooler!

Don’t let the heat bum you out this summer. Force yourself to run. You can definitely stay cool in this summer heat. Go in with an open mind and adjust how you see fit. These running tips work for me and they can definitely work for you!



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